"Mmm. Love those blog posts." Julie, Céline and Julie Go Boating (1974)

This blog was created by a budding filmmaker to share the occasional thought on whatever new and interesting films come his way. The occasional tidbit about photography and other art could pop up as well. Maybe some people enjoy reading that kinda stuff? Who knows.

At any rate, that same blog author is also a student at the moment.... So post frequency may be disjointed, but you can be sure he'll have some good content when there is new activity hither!

Oh, and there's a podcast! Some weekly reviews of Criterion Collection selections, hosted by yours truly and his good friend Robert Matuluko, where you can also catch some of the latest movie news. Might be worth checking out. Or not. That's your call. (They've got great voices though.)

By: Christophe Charre

Hi hello hey I run this blog. I write about movies... films... moving art... flicks? If you enjoyed what you read, feel free to continue perusing the blog.